Paulette Insall, American Abstract Artist in Portland, OR | Modern contemporary traditional luxury home decor ideas

Beautiful art that resonates in the soul

Contemporary Abstract Painter Paulette Insall's paintings come from her heart....expressing emotion as a visual language, using pure color and expressive marks to connect and communicate. Her abstract art emits a special light and magic that is both spiritual and moving.

What the people are saying...

Paulette Insall’s paintings manifest, with deep passion and sensitivity, an array of soothing emotions and pleasant experiences. Using an intuitive and expressive painting process, each vivid stroke transforms the canvas into a luscious colorful surface bringing a sense of joy and harmony to an otherwise imperfect world.
— Sergio Gomez | 
Artist, Curator, Podcaster, Consultant and Creative Entrepreneur
I enjoy the movement, color palettes and atmosphere in your paintings. They are refreshing. Thank you for bringing such hope and joy through color to the world. Color is definitely your instrument, and the way it dances across the canvas is contagious and brings freedom.”
— Angela Meijer | Artist
Paulette is a a contemporary abstract painter expressing her visual language through pure color and an expert eye.
— Kevin Twitty | Interior Designer

What my collectors are saying...

I deeply love this painting! It has a special aura/energy that reflects that of the artist! Thank you for allowing me to view it's birth Paulette!


I love all your work but “Triune” was always “pulling” me from the first moment I saw it. I see so many things in this painting...but what I see changes. I can’t say exactly what it is.... I can’t stop looking at this painting....makes me feel at peace and brings silence to my mind. It is very vibrant and full of movement but that relaxes me.

Paulette, this is more than beautiful.... I love this piece, you can see every single stroke of the brush and the colours are so intensive... This painting touched my heart right in the moment I saw it!!! I am so happy to have it and it will bring a lot of joy in the future. THANK YOU again!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting. Such wonderful colors & details. You are so talented. Your work warms my heart and soul. Thank you so very much for your careful shipping and sweet note. I really appreciate your customer service. I will treasure it always.

I am in awe of the beautiful art Paulette creates! I just got my art in the mail, and the colors are so vivid and rich. Each little layer of the piece is so beautifully put together, and everytime I look at it, I discover something new! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks! xoxox

Paulette, I received my first piece and I look foward to pairing it with more in my home; to enjoy them to their fullest. I am so glad that I found your art. I look foward to seeing them every day.

What my fans are saying...

There is so much life and energy in your paintings, they are beautiful and I just want to jump in them they bring real happiness to me .

It is just so pretty and the colors are fantastic. It's very up lifting and my jaw dropped when I saw it. I don't think this is art that you could ever get tired of... You are very talented.

I recently discovered you and I love your work! Your color combinations and depth of feeling on the canvas reminds me of the beauty of galaxies in space. Makes me think of God's handiwork.

Use to follow your blog after I saw your work in mixed media magazines years ago. Now found you again. Love your beautiful artwork full of color and life.

I love your paintings because they are so full of energy. They give me a warm feeling inside.

 I love the depth of layers and combinations of colours in your work. I love the way they draw you in to search for more. Beautiful!

It is always a pleasure to see works as powerful and expressive as yours. Full of color filled with emotions that transmit a bliss that touches everyone. I admire your work.

I absolutely love your artwork, love the colors. Your art makes me smile and reminds me of flowers. It brings me joy. I hope to own an original someday.

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