Paulette Insall, Abstract Art for modern contemporary or traditional decor | Portland, OR

Creating a Joyful Atmosphere

You deserve more beauty and joy in your life!

To create a home that you love to come home to....that is full of light and life....where you feel calm, happy, and energized, you want everywhere you look to have something beautiful to rest your eyes on. Adding luxurious and beautiful one of a kind original art that is full of meaning, joy, and aliveness is the perfect way to create that happy and inviting atmosphere you want in your home.

Colorful organic expressive art inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature has the ability to transform the atmosphere of your home into a welcoming, sophisticated space. Artwork establishes mood, defines personality and impacts emotion. It can connect furnishings and architecture, and draw people into a space. Using her innate sense of color and design. Paulette Insall creates original paintings that do just that. They have been called inspiring jewels full of joy, light, and dancing color by her hundreds of clients around the world. Her elegant timeless artworks work perfectly with any decor style, whether your decor is modern and contemporary or a more traditional and romantic style.

Hello news

So where did January go???? No really....seems like I blinked and missed an entire month.

Anybody else feel that way?

Thankfully I am finally getting regular time in the studio again, so there's lots to share. Yea!

There will be a shop update in the near future, as my studio is beginning to fill up with new work and even with all my local exhibitions, it's starting to get full again.

Okay enough of the jibber jabber....just show me the art, right? Lol! Here ya go... 


Well that's just a little taste of all the new stuff.... 

A little beauty injection to start off your day and lift your spirits.

Have a wonderful week you beautiful souls!

Much love & blessings,


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