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Beautiful art that resonates in the soul

Contemporary Abstract Painter Paulette Insall's paintings come from her heart....expressing emotion as a visual language, using pure color and expressive marks to connect and communicate. Her abstract art emits a special light and magic that is both spiritual and moving.

Video blog: new paintings + rearranging

In case you were wondering, no you didn't miss an email. I didn't send out one last son was out of school most of last week and even though I had plans to paint, it just didn't work out that way. I'm sure you know exactly what im talking about. ;) So this week I decided to do a video first in.....well, years. So you're getting a special treat! To see a full view picture of my new paintings, you have to watch the whole's less than four minutes, so it's a quick one.

If you can't see the video above, Click here.

Much love,

I have loved hearing from you! My heart fills up more and more with each and every email....and I read every single one. I think I'm all caught up replying to everyone, but if you haven't heard from me yet, you will soon. :) I'd love to hear what attracted you to my work...let me know by hitting reply to this email, clicking here to email me, or leave me a comment here on the journal.

Paulette Insall in Tualatin, OR on Houzz