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Beautiful art that resonates in the soul

Contemporary Abstract Painter Paulette Insall's paintings come from her heart....expressing emotion as a visual language, using pure color and expressive marks to connect and communicate. Her abstract art emits a special light and magic that is both spiritual and moving.

Faces class update & new goodies for packages

Don't have much time before I gotta go pick up Aiden from school, but I wanted to give y'all a heads up on my upcoming "All About Faces" mixed media portraits class that starts next week. As of right now, there are only 2 spots left. So if you were thinking of signing up, now's the time. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be offering this class again in depends on alot of things that are kinda up in the air at the moment.

Oh and I wanted to share the new goodies I got today to put into my packages.... bookmarks featuring a portion of my "Follow" painting.Newbookmarks1 I'm a book lover and I am always on the lookout for great bookmarks....only made sense to make some of my own! Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. ;) So starting this week, all purchases will get one of these lovelies inside. :D

Have a marvelous Monday y'all!! xo

The "All About Faces" class is now full. Thanks so much y'all!

Much love + blessings,

Paulette Insall
Abstract Art

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