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Beautiful art that resonates in the soul

Contemporary Abstract Painter Paulette Insall's paintings come from her heart....expressing emotion as a visual language, using pure color and expressive marks to connect and communicate. Her abstract art emits a special light and magic that is both spiritual and moving.

Feeling better :)

Selfportrait2_2Well it looks like this nasty icky cold thing is finally on its way out! YEA! The cough is still hanging on, but I'm finally starting to get some good rest at night and beginning to feel like my old self again....actually felt up to painting today. :) I just wanted to make a really quick post to thank all of you for your get well wishes and prayers. They are soooooo appreciated!!

I've got some big announcements for y'all, but it'll have to wait 'til either later tonight or tomorrow. I got a lot of catching up still to do, so just keep your eyes peeled here in the next day or so. :D

Oh and did ya notice the new bloggy banner? What do ya think? I was thinking that it was time I gave it a facelift. ;) :D

Much love + blessings,

Paulette Insall
Abstract Art

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