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Beautiful art that resonates in the soul

Contemporary Abstract Painter Paulette Insall's paintings come from her heart....expressing emotion as a visual language, using pure color and expressive marks to connect and communicate. Her abstract art emits a special light and magic that is both spiritual and moving.

Update of video editing progress...

Hey y'all! Well the sickies visited us again...starting on Thursday when Aiden woke up with a nasty cough, poor guy. The same day, my hubby had some dental surgery done and I had no idea (and neither did he apparently) that he wouldn't be able to have any solid foods for days and possibly up to a week. Eek! Then of course I came down with Aiden's cold...which of course was inevitable.

Needless to say, no video editing or art got done late last week or this weekend. I did manage to get some editing done today and I realized with as much footage as I have that I want to show you guys, I think I may have to make it a three parter. I had hoped to be able to do just one video for this painting, but even with it sped up to hyper speed and some parts edited out, it would be almost 30 minutes I hope you guys don't mind if I split it up. This way I can make each one a bigger file size so that the video will be pretty clear....well as clear as YouTube makes it anyway. If all goes well, I should have the first part up on YouTube some time tomorrow. Can't say exactly when 'cause I never can predict those things with a four year old running around ya know. ;)

So, keep checking back here tomorrow (Tuesday) or on YouTube so you can catch the first episode.

Much love + blessings,

Paulette Insall
Abstract Art

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