Paulette Insall

reflecting colors of the soul

"When you engage with my paintings, my hope is that you will be brought into the present moment and you will see yourself in the work in some way...that it will open a conversation with your soul... "

knock on the noggin


A few weeks ago, I accidentally hit my head pretty hard {long story} and have been dealing with some symptoms of a mild concussion that have kept me from being able to spend time on the computer, phone, or participate in much (and for the first week, none) of my normal activities or forced me to slow down ALOT for a few weeks and I've learned some things about myself from the whole experience....had some real big epiphanies and such.

I am still taking it kinda slow (that first week was rough 'cause I so wanted to carry on normally, but physically and mentally was unable) and paying attention when my body starts to tell me to take a "time out". Being on the computer, iPhone, and watching TV still makes my head hurt if I do any of them for too long, so I'm limiting my time on those...especially the first two. :)

If you've tried to contact me over the past few weeks and didn't get a response this is why. I'm slowly re-entering things this week...including picking up my paintbrush for the first time in weeks....which I plan on doing tomorrow that my brain is finally starting to feel capable of forming coherent thoughts again. Lol!

Love y'all bunches!

After A Good Rain

You know that feeling when it has just stopped raining and the sun starts peeking out from behind the clouds...and the light just brightens up everything? Yeah, don't ya love that? Makes you appreciate the sunshine even more.

"After A Good Rain" acrylic + mixed media on 18" x 36" canvas Available for purchase here:

"After A Good Rain"
acrylic + mixed media on 18" x 36" canvas
Available for purchase here: