Paulette Insall, Abstract Art | Portland, OR

Abstract art inspired by faith and nature that brings beauty, warmth, and joy to your home. Using an innate sense of color and design, Paulette Insall creates award winning colorful paintings that have been called jewels full of life, light, and dancing color.

Born and raised in Alabama, she now lives and works as an abstract painter in Portland, Oregon.

I am a painter working in acrylics on canvas. Working out of my studio in Portland, Oregon,  I make expressive abstract paintings informed by the beauty of nature and faith.

I believe beauty is necessary, serving as an invitation to savor life and a way to experience a sense of the eternal. My intent is to make art that stirs the soul and connects us not only to the human experience, but also to what lies beyond our sight.

With a keen eye for beauty, Paulette dips her brush into liquid joy, and spreads a soul-soothing visual feast.
— Victoria Gaines

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