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Beautiful art that resonates in the soul

Contemporary Abstract Painter Paulette Insall's paintings come from her heart....expressing emotion as a visual language, using pure color and expressive marks to connect and communicate. Her abstract art emits a special light and magic that is both spiritual and moving.

an artist with time management issues???? you don't say!

lol! i think mostly artists are thought of as free spirits that go where the inspiration takes them.....but what if you have tons of inspiration, but never get to where you are able to do something with it? what if, all the ideas + daily life things start to overwhelm you...and at the end of the day you don't get hardly any of your "to-do" list done. what if, you're trying to do too much in a day and finding it impossible. what if, you have big dreams for this year, but can't even fathom how you will possibly fit in time to work towards them.

well, that's me!

its all well and good to have a flexible schedule....especially when you're a mom+wife in addition to being a "full-time artist"....but what happens when someone who needs structure to get things done, no longer has structure.

things....important things....get left undone

for days...


months even.

so, here i am realizing that this is ME and i need structure in order to create...or get much of anything done for that matter. and i need to create it myself.

when i worked outside the home, the structure was created for me. i didn't have to think about it. i got up, got dressed, got myself a coffee when i got to work, then got down to business....and kept my head down and focused on my job and did pretty well at it. now...i'm all loosie goosie! lol! and it just ain't workin'...

i need habits,

i need routine,

i need prioritization.

so i can just go on autopilot and do what needs to be done and not have to "think" about it. that would free me up to create instead of worrying about all the stuff that hasn't gotten done {which stops my creativity in its tracks}. i've been researching this over the past week and here's some helpful links i've found.

How Mundane Routines Produce Creative Magic

Habits and Routines Help Get Your To-Do List Done

Daily Work Routine of an Artist

Daily Routines: Artists about you? Let's work together on this {i know there are others out there struggling with this very same thing}....have you found anything that helps you?

Do you have a daily routine that helps you create, get housework done, exercise daily, etc.?

Do you have a way to help you prioritize those "most important things" that must happen?

What are the most important triggers for your creative state of mind?

What happens to your ability to get things done if your routine is interrupted?

What helps you to commit to your routine?

Much love + blessings,

Paulette Insall
Abstract Art

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